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Real Love Course

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Most romantic relationships begin with that “butterflies in the stomach I can’t live without you” feeling. This is actually a chemical reaction you feel in your body which pulls you toward the other person. This is infatuation, not love, but can move into love.
In this course, you will learn the chemistry within you which contributes to these strong feelings and how that chemistry can lead you astray. You’ll also discover the type of person you truly want and how to identify them.

The lessons in three modules will guide you through the infatuation stage of a relationship. to understanding why you were drawn to that person. You will then engage in the process to identify the type of person who is ideally suited to you.

Every relationship has ups and downs. The pain of disappointment feels very personal, yet it is part of every relationship. You will learn to navigate these difficulties and discover whether the problems are simply bumps in the road or signs of impending disaster.

You’ll finish this course with a checklist of what qualities are most important for you in a life partner. You’ll also have information on basic skills in communication, managing feelings, and identifying potential challenges in a relationship.

From my heart to yours!  I hope this course helps you nurture your most important relationships.

Caterina Barregar

Relationship And Empath Coach

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Certified Life And Relationship Coach, Intuitive Reiki Master, NLP Practitioner - Specializing In Self Esteem For Better Relationships.

Caterina Barregar

Caterina is a Solution Focused Coach, who works with empaths, sensitives and intuitives, so that they can better navigate their world. It's time to honor those gifts, let your healing light shine, create and nurture awesome relationships, and raise their self esteem, so that you can be live the life you are born to live. The world needs you! Your Empath's Journey begins here! Let Caterina introduce you... To yourself!

Course Content

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 3

    MODULE 1

  • 4


    • Childhood Influences Of Attraction

    • Relationship Choices and Rebellion

    • Creating New Beliefs

    • Affirmations And Self Reflection Questions

  • 5

    Connection Between Relationships And Happiness

    • Beware Of The Need To Fill The Emptiness Within

    • The “A” Relationship and the “H” Relationship

    • A True Story

    • The Connection Between Relationships And Happiness

    • Here's What You Need To Do Today - Self Reflection:

    • Affirmations - Accepting Love

  • 6

    The Soulmate Myth

    • The Soulmate Myth

    • What Is a Soulmate?

    • The Relationship "MindField"

    • Is This My Soulmate?

    • Summary

    • Affirmations And Self Reflection Questions

  • 7

    The Role Of Past Relationships

    • Past Relationships

    • Childhood Relationship patterns

    • People Like the Familiar

    • Romances of The Past

    • Summary

    • Affirmations And Self Reflections

  • 8

    Uncrushing The Crush

    • Un-Crushing The Crush

    • Techniques to Move through Your Break-Up 

    • The Joy Of Freedom

    • Beware of the Rebound

    • Summary

    • Affirmations And Self Reflection

  • 9

    Do You Love YOU?

    • Do You Love You? 

    • Know What You Want In Life

    • Know how you want to be treated

    • The One Person You Can Change

    • Here's What YOU Need To To Today

    • Self-love paves the way for loving others.

    • Affirmations And Self Reflection

    • Module 1 - Summary And Reflection

    • Real Love - Module 1 Quiz

  • 10

    MODULE 2

    • Module 2 - Description

    • Unknown Influences in Relationships

    • Not Everything In A Relationship Is Learned

    • Summary

    • Affirmations And Self Reflections

  • 11

    What's More Important? Physical Or Emotional Intimacy?

    • What's More Important?

    • Let's Look At Emotional And Physical Intimacy

    • The Interaction Between Physical And Emotional Intimacy

    • Relationships Without Physical or Emotional Intimacy

    • Summary

    • Affirmations And Self Reflection

  • 12

    Will You Communicate With Me?

    • Will You Communicate With Me?

    • Communication Is an Interaction Between Four Elements

    • Communication and Learning Styles

    • Summary

    • Affirmations And Self Reflection

  • 13

    Sexuality And Sensuality

    • Sexuality and Sensuality

    • Sexuality and Choosing a Partner

    • Sensuality Is Fun

    • Women and Sensuality

    • Summary

    • Affirmations And Self Reflections

  • 14

    What's Your Love Language?

    • What's Your Love Language?

    • Why Love Languages Are Important

    • The 5 Love Languages

    • Two Of The Best Ways To Express Love

    • The-Language-of-Love-Worksheet

    • Summary

    • Affirmations And Self Reflection

  • 15

    The Challenge Of Change

    • The Challenge Of Change

    • The Need For Flexibility

    • People Have The Capacity To Change

    • Summary

    • Affirmations And Reflection

  • 16

    What Do You Want The Most?

    • What Do YOU Want The Most?

    • Why Clarity Is Crucial?

    • The Clarity Process Exercise

    • Module 2 - Summary And Reflection

    • Module 2 Quiz

  • 17

    Module 3

    • Module 3 Description

    • What’s Your Programming?

    • Do You Respond or React to Life’s Challenges?

    • Ways To Break The Pattern

    • Reframing Mistaken Beliefs

    • Summary

    • Affirmation And Self Reflection

  • 18

    Mistake Or Pattern

    • Is It A Mistake Or A Pattern?

    • Everyone Makes Mistakes or Fails

    • Strategies to Address Emotional Pain

    • Patterns Of Behaviour

    • Consider These Negative Patterns

    • Summary

    • Affirmations And Self Reflection

  • 19

    What Are Your Non-Negotiable?

    • What Are Your Non-Negotiables?

    • Fear Of Appearing Shallow

    • Will Non-Negotiables before Marriage Remain after Marriage?

    • How to Avoid a Future Non-Negotiable

    • Summary

    • Affirmations And Self Reflection

  • 20

    Confronting Hurt And Disapointment

    • Confronting Hurt And Disappointment

    • How You Handle Hurt Determines Your Happiness

    • The background story makes a difference:

    • Consequences Have An Impact

    • The Severity of the Event

    • Summary

    • Affirmations And Self Reflection

  • 21

    Can You Forgive And Forget?

    • Can You Forgive And Forget?

    • Clearing Up The Confusion About Forgiveness

    • 4 Day Forgiveness Exercise

    • Spiritual Release

    • Summary

    • Resolving Conflict Guided Meditation

  • 22

    Relationships Are Wonderful

    • Relationships Are Wonderful

    • How Do You Know You Are Ready?

    • What Scares You?

    • Ideas For Your List Of 100

    • An Imaging Exercise

    • What You Might Discover

    • Summary

    • Affirmations And Self Reflection

  • 23

    Strategies To Keep The Spark Alive

    • Strategies That Keep The Spark Alive

    • The Love Hormone

    • Continue Getting to Know Each Other

    • Daily Rituals

    • Remember Who You Fell in Love With

    • Summary

    • 25 Sweet Love Notes

    • Module 3 - Summary And Reflection

    • 25 Ways To Romance Your Lady

    • 25 Ways To Romance Your Man

    • Real Love - Module 3 Quiz

  • 24

    Next Steps....

    • Whats Next?